Great advice on limiting your email to 4 sentences… Less is more! And this is why I often remind entrepreneurs that their first message must be truly concise & and that it must articulate their value proposition, razor-sharp. In most cases, the best entrepreneurial pitch is only 50 words long...

We all know that when you invite someone to connect on Linkedin - your invitation is limited to only 300 characters (spaces included). Over the years, I invited thousands of people to connect – and on average, the length of my messages is around… 50 words.

So I say: disregard my advice, and the proverbial: “TL;DR” kicks in. Therefore, I often recommend allocating your precious 50 words allotment as follows:

1. Why Do I Care To Reach You? – Approx. 20 Words

o Example: “John, congrats on a spectacular raise! You’re solving huge ABC problems & I wrote about similar issues in my XYZ posts”

2. Why Should You Care To Hear Me? – Approx. 20 Words

o Example: “IMHO, your present marketing & sales focus makes you still lose 70% of untapped revenues I spoke about in XYZ”

3. Why Should You Respond To My Invitation? – Approx. 10 Words

o Example: “Any plans for expanding into Canada I could help with?”

So, think about the concise message you would like to send long and hard. And use the above guidelines… at will.

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The other thing about your point #1 is it's a subtle signal that your message is only being sent to the one person receiving it.

If the recipient of a message feels like 100 other people are getting the exact same one and you're just fishing, it's easier to ignore you.

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