Aaron, I love your newsletter and would like to “ratchet up” Steve’s suggestion by just one notch: publish one story at a time…

You are a gifted and talented storyteller. But as I often say, if you aim to facilitate DEEP LEARNING, if such learning is not followed by a DEEP REFLECTION – the DEPTH of gained wisdom will remain pretty shallow…


Oleg Feldgajer - BASC, MASC, MBA & EMBA

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Author of: "AI Boogeyman - Dispelling Fake News About Job Losses"

BODs serve investors, Advisory Boards are CEOs’ best friends…

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Appreciate the feedback, Oleg. And glad you enjoy the writing.

Those are some great points about giving people an opportunity to digest each piece. If this project continues growing like it has been -- and I hope it does -- I'll definitely try to spread things out even more in order to help facilitate exactly what you've described.

In the mean time, I'll mention that, even though things get published together in the newsletter, just about everything publishes originally on separate days, and then I put a few pieces of content together for these EOH issues. So if you subscribe/follow me separately on Medium/LinkedIn/Apple, you'll get the individual pieces of content as they're shared rather than all grouped together. Hopefully/maybe that's a useful stopgap?

Thanks, again, for reading and for the helpful feedback.

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