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Great post Aaron.

Years ago I read an article about how valuable your business website is and more importantly your email list is. No once can ban you from your platform on purpose or by accident. No once can scrape you email content. It is yours, forever. No one can lurk and throw piles of misinformed crap at you in a public forum.

I always struggled on how to capture email address of every client or contact and get into my email (MailerLite) subscriber list. And had to be simple and foolproof. So I had someone develop a Google Script... every email I respond to or send to a contact, I label it in my Gmail to "Client". Once a week the script scrapes that folder and pulls out all the "To" email addresses and puts into a Google Sheet. The next day another script goes through that list and using the MailerLite API, it adds the email address to my MailerLite Subscriber list. If the email is already there, or the person has unsubscribed, the email is not added again. The Google Sheet has a column that changes to YES if the attempt was tried.

It is set up so I can use additional Gmail Labels and different subscriber lists.

Thanks again for your great work, look forward to more.

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You're 100% right about the value of an email list. It's a lesson I wish I'd learned much earlier in my career than I did.

Love the strategy you've shared about capturing emails of the people you're communicating with automatically. It's something I know I need to be better about. In fact, your comment inspired me... I think I'm going to put something in place to do that.

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