This is the greatest explanation I heard of why certain entrepreneurs are more driven than others. And Dorothy Parker summed it all up in just two short sentences. She said: “Curiosity is a cure for boredom; There is no cure for curiosity…”

And all the self-doubt and the aversion to losses (aka Daniel Kahneman’s Prospect Theory, which tells us we are twice as much upset about our losses than we appreciate our gains) - convinced me to recommend the following to aspiring entrepreneurs: “Two heads are better than one”. So, get yourself a Co-CEO as soon as you can…

It’s not just the studies at Harvard that show the data supporting my advice. It’s a great way to address the paradox between naivety and curiosity. After all, it was thousands of years ago that people much smarter than I am, were telling us… “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. So my message to VCs investing in startups: “Unless the CEOs resemble Moses and can part water, BODs must insist on having a competent Co-CEO in place to overcome the inevitable fear, uncertainty, and doubt”

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