Bad idea - part of gmail and many others or can be done with a simple automation script.

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Aaron, I think context matters when promoting a new product. Specifically, your newsletters are about the issues and challenges of being an entrepreneur and startup founder. It is not about reviewing new and innovative products.

Hence your response rate for the product announcement was out-of-context for the audience you have created.

For example, I created an SEO product 12 years ago and had low/no traction as I tried to promote it online. However, when I partnered with one of the leading SEO blogs to promote it, sales went through the roof ($50K in just one week).

One of the key tenets I learned was that online audience building is a powerful way to launch a product IF that audience aligns perfectly with the product.

I agree with you that for most startups, creating the product is the easy part (unless it is deep tech, bio, pharma, etc).

Market focus is more challenging, especially if you do not have an existing online audience that is perfectly aligned with the needs your product meets.

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