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So, that's why my students complained about stuff covered in the syllabus. The "email-me-your- favorite-cat-meme" reminds me of the no-brown-M&M's provision in the Van Halen concert contract. (See https://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2012/02/14/146880432/the-truth-about-van-halen-and-those-brown-m-ms.)

I am one of the 3% of people who read terms-of-service agreements and hospital disclosure forms; so, I'm not a reliable guide to what most people do. I've considered doing a short video explaining what is in them; but if most people don't even watch tutorial videos, maybe I would just be speaking to myself.

I once had about 5 out of 25 students in an ethics class certify that they had read a short book I had planned to write but did not finish and distribute before the end of the semester. All but one was embarrassed when I pointed out that they claimed to have read a book that did not yet exist. The exception chastised me for pointing out her lapse. Go figure.

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